Ever since I was a young boy I dreamed of visiting the battlefields of the American Civil War. I conjured up images in my head of what they must look like with their endless rock walls, rolling hills, deep ravines, and the wide open plains of grassy fields where brave men stood shoulder-to-shoulder to fight for what they felt was a good cause.

Being raised in the northern suburbs of New York City didn't allow this dream to prosper and so I relied on books to feed this passion to learn about these places that always fed my imagination. With adulthood comes responsibilities and the derailment of childhood dreams often forever put on hold for other pursuits, and it was only recently that my dream began to take shape in the form of moving my family from the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts to the rolling hills of the mid-Atlantic states.

Today, I find myself living in the quaint yet historic town of Shepherdstown, WV where pivotal events that occurred over 150 years ago forever shaped it into a treasure trove of Civil War history that is rivaled by few places in this great country. It's many brick buildings housed Confederate wounded following a great battle just over the Potomac River to the east where in Sharpsburg, MD - the deadliest day in American history - following a desperate fight on the blood-soaked fields of Antietam.

To the south just 15 minutes away is the iconic Harpers Ferry, WV where the Civil War finds it roots in the actions of one John Brown, a man on a mission to arm slaves, and to free all people of color.

Just 50 minutes to the northeast is the famed Gettysburg battlefield where the might of two great armies totaling 160,000 men met and fought for three days in a deadly battle of wills that cost 51,000 casualties marking the last incursion of the famed Army of Northern Virginia into the north.

Within hours in almost every direction lie fields of battle and glory of our nations deadliest conflict that claimed close to 700,000 lives or nearly 2% of all Americans.

Through incredible forward vision, hard work and a determined effort to preserve these hallowed places, we are left with a lasting legacy of this conflict and are able to study it in depth and with great attention to detail these places that represent our past, present and future.

Access to these historic sites was step one of achieving my dream, and the second step begins now. If you have found this page, you have also found a passionate individual determined to fulfill a dream of bringing these Civil Warscapes to people just like you - wherever you may live.

As a child I relied on 'so-so' images from books to tell a story I so desperately wanted to learn, and now these crisp images are available to you on high-quality canvas in compelling color in a variety of sizes to fit your specific taste and needs.

To show my appreciation for the many individuals, groups, and organizations who carry this torch we call historic preservation, I will donate 10% of all proceeds to The Civil War Trust for their continued goal of preserving and returning to their 'Civil War era' state of being, the many Civil Warscapes that help form our American landscape. This amazing organization so tireless and responsible in their efforts has my full support in their conservation efforts that allow proud Americans and people from all over the world to continue to enjoy and learn from these places for the foreseeable future.

I am humbled and honored to be in position to help this cause go on, and through my talents as a photographer will continue creating compelling images that capture the true essence of these places. These high-quality canvas prints will adorn your homes or businesses turning bare walls into visual stories that evoke a feeling of appreciation for those who came and sacrificed before us, so that we may enjoy our freedoms today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting these worthy endeavors, and please know that your support equals lasting legacies for these historic places for generations to come.

And finally, to all our veterans out there long gone and still here with us, I thank you for your service. I can not put into words how much I personally appreciate the fine men and women for the sacrifices that have been made, and those that are yet to come.


Scott Sarich